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Prepare Your Seasonal Home for Winter

10 Tips for Closing Your Seasonal Home: Unplug appliances and turn off the home’s electrical power at the main breaker. Clean out the refrigerator and prop the door open.

Turn off water at the main line, even if your seasonal home is in a warmer climate. No one will be around to find plumbing leaks.

Store lawn furniture, grills, tools and other items inside. If that isn’t possible, cover with plastic and secure in a protected location.

Clean leaves and debris out of the gutters so rain water drains away from the house.

 Have sprinkler lines blown out, drain all water from outside hoses and cover outdoor faucets with insulation.

Turn off your home’s propane or natural gas. Get help from a professional if you aren’t sure what to do.

Set out small containers of charcoal or cat littler in every room to absorb moisture and odors.

Arrange to have mail forwarded and stop all other regular deliveries. Ask a neighbor to pick up any items in your mailbox or on your porch.

Keep valuable items out of view from the street and yard. Move them away from windows or hide them in a closet.

Find someone who will drop by on occasion to make sure your seasonal home is secure. Be sure they know how to reach you.

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