How to Protect Your Social Security Number

One of the most important ways you can keep your identity safe is to protect your social security number.  Below are 6 tips on how to keep this important number private.

SSN Safety Tip 1: Never carry your social security card in your wallet or purse.

SSN Safety Tip 2: Don’t carry cards that have your SSN on them, such as your medical insurance or dental insurance cards, unless you anticipate needing them to get care.

SSN Safety Tip 3: Request that your driver’s license number or other identification number not be the same as your Social Security Number.

SSN Safety Tip 4: Never give out your Social Security Number or other personal information over the phone unless it’s with a trusted organization, and you initiated the call.

SSN Safety Tip 5: Provide your Social Security Number only when it is absolutely necessary, such as on tax forms, employment and property transactions.

SSN Safety Tip 6: If your bank or credit union tries to use your Social Security Number as an account number, ask them to change it immediately.


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