Take the Work Out of Being a Landlord

If you live a significant distance from your rental property, if you own several properties, or if you’d simply like to enjoy the rewards of owning investment property without the headaches of managing it, consider using a Property Management Company.

PMC Help 1: A Property Management Company can act as a liaison between you and your tenant. They generally stay current with rental laws and requirements, minimizing the chances you’ll be liable for an unexpected situation.

PMC Help 2: Property Management Companies can handle advertising, tenant screening, background checks and lease agreements to keep your rental home occupied.

PMC Help 3: If you don’t live near your rental property or simply don’t want the hassle of being on call for any problems that arise, a Property Management Company can take care of maintenance and round-the-clock emergency service.

PMC Help 4: Property Management Companies can manage rent collection and unpleasant situations that may occur, such as eviction coordination.

PMC Help 5: Some insurance companies offer discounts to landlords who use a Property Management Company, saving you money as well as time.


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