Commuter’s Challange

The morning drive is getting more challenging each day.  My commute is a mere 6 miles and shouldn’t take more than 15 mintues on any given day but actually takes 25.  It should be a peaceful commute winding along the Fellsway but it’s anything but.  The reason being for this additional 10 minutes of distress?  Driver’s on their cell phones that are not paying attention to you; other drivers; the road;or their own driving.    They move from lane to lane without looking.  They sit there when the light turns green.  They drive erratic or too slow.  They pull onto the highway and out of side streets without giving a thought to even looking first.  

You know who you are.  Face it you folks are not effective multi-taskers.  If driving itself is challenging enough-then do us all a favor and keep your phone out of your ear and your eyes on the road.

Anyone out there have a challenging commute they would like to share?  Let us here from you.


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