5 Tips for Controlling Moisture in Your Home

Excessive moisture can lead to problems such as water stains, warped woodwork, mildew and peeling paint. Follow these five tips to help control moisture in your home.

Moisture Control Tip 1: Run a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture and humidity in your home.

Moisture Control Tip 2: Open windows and air out your home on low humidity days.

Moisture Control Tip 3: Keep air circulating with ceiling fans, room fans or the furnace fan, and make sure air registers are free of obstructions. Cover pots when cooking and operate vent fans when cooking and bathing.

Moisture Control Tip 4: Set out a pan of cat litter or charcoal when you’re away to absorb moisture.

Moisture Control Tip 5: Don’t pile up wet towels or clothes. If you do see mildew growing in your home, brush the object to remove surface mildew and vacuum to remove loose mold. Sponge or wash remaining mildew with detergent and dry thoroughly.


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